About Kenya

Hello! I’m Niquenya, AKA Chef Kenya!

I thought I was going to die a couple years ago. 😞

I ticked all the boxes that would have put me in an early grave. 💀

✔Obese✔Pre-diabetic✔Hypertensive✔Bone-on-bone osteorthritis in both knees✔Cervical radiculopathy✔Possible brain tumor detected in scans✔Abnormal menstruation due to fibroids✔Chronic pain✔Severely stressed✔Depressed

I could barely walk, let alone stand for any length of time, and I had to use the the aid of a cane. 😮I was terribly embarrassed and felt hopeless!

I, Kenya, who had built an entire platform around the need for entrepreneurs to practice self-care, was failing to do exactly that. I needed to get myself together ASAP! What good is grinding so hard to make money in your business if you’re no longer here to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

I had to pull myself out of crisis to get it together. It wasn’t hard once I decided to finally stop procrastinating and choose LIFE… choose ME.

We are all exactly where we are in life – good, bad or ugly – due to the choices we make. Are you ready to choose better? To do better? To choose your life?

Once I made that choice, the pounds melted off and the health challenges I was facing almost completely disappeared. Reversed!!! I no longer need a cane to walk and I can finally look myself in the mirror again. 🙌

This is my testimony.

I created Kenya’s Keto Kitchen to help others who are struggling with finding healthy options on-the-go that also taste good. I’m a strong believer that “diet food” shouldn’t taste like cardboard. You should enjoy what you eat!

I have compiled a keto-friendly menu of tasty keto fast foods made from quality ingredients and a lot of love! I hope you enjoy what we have to offer!